So, you’re all set to get your clean laundry from the dryer and put it away. However, when you reach for your clothes, they’re still damp. It’s a scenario that is all too common, and it can cause a lot of frustration for countless homeowners. Many people assume their dryer is to blame, but many times there’s a simpler and less expensive solution than going out and purchasing a new appliance – schedule a dryer vent cleaning!

Dangers Of A Clogged Vent

clogged vent full of lintNow, when it comes to speeding up drying times, a thorough vent cleaning by a team of professionals can go a long way, but that’s not the only reason this maintenance is important. A clogged vent can also pose some serious threats to your home and family! One issue many homeowners across the country experience is dryer fires. When your vent are all blocked with lint build-up, nesting material, or deceased animals, the heat from the dryer cannot properly escape which then causes it to overheat. Unfortunately, lint is the perfect kindling, which means flames could spread through your laundry room in no time.

Along with this, poisonous gases, like carbon monoxide, can easily make their way into your home when your vents cannot exhaust. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and it has proven to be fatal on many occasions. Detecting it is nearly impossible and many do not realize they’ve been exposed until they’ve become very ill, making a hospital visit necessary. This is one gas you don’t want to take any chances with.

There are nearly 3,000 dryer fires every single year causing many injuries, multiple deaths, and a significant amount of property damage. Along with carbon monoxide exposure, you can easily avoid these dangers by investing in a simple dryer vent cleaning every year.

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Saving Yourself Time & Money

All risks aside, a better functioning and efficient dryer save you both time and money. You won’t have to wait around for hours until your clothes are finally ready to fold or hang up, and your energy bill will stay in check, too. This is one service that pays itself off in no time, and it will help keep your stress levels at a minimum. Gain the peace of mind you deserve by reaching out to our crew today.

Why Us?

So, why trust the team at Clean Sweep Of Anne Arundel County to help you out? Well, for one thing, our company is staffed CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians, and most dryer vent cleaning companies do not. You can rest easy knowing the people helping you out are trained, educated, and highly qualified. We pride ourselves on the strong reputation we’ve upheld the last forty years, and we believe our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

When you trust in us, you’ll be working with a crew you can depend on time and time again. For all of your chimney or venting needs, turn to us!